Last month my wife and I had the privilege of traveling up the California coast in celebration of her birthday. What was planned to be just a simple evening having dinner with her parents quickly turned into a last minute unplanned adventure which neither of us will soon forget.

Cambria, CA

I proposed the idea of us trying to get out of town just for the night. It had been a busy couple weeks and we were in need of some adventure and some quality time. So I opened up the Hotel Tonight App (Which I absolutely love) and found a great deal in Cambria which we both quickly agreed on. A 3.5 hour drive and we could be away from it all just like that. So we both packed a bag and hit the road right after dinner. We arrived at the Morgan Hotel in Cambria, CA around 1AM and got right to sleep in anticipation of an adventurous start to the day in the morning.

Taken from a coastal look-out in the southern end of the Big Sur area.

Taken from a coastal look-out in the southern end of the Big Sur area.

The next day was gorgeous so we decided to just continue our travel up the California Coast to stop and explore however much and wherever we desired. About an hour in to this expedition my wife looks over at me... smiles and says... Can we stay another night? Once again I opened up my Hotel Tonight App and just like that... Booked a great deal in Carmel which is right above Big Sur and about 70 miles away from where we stayed that night in Cambria.

San Simeon, CA

Our first stop was in San Simeon. We stopped to take a hike towards a lighthouse that we spotted off in the distance. Though we did not make the trek all the way to the lighthouse this stop was time well spent. The coastline, rock and tide areas were beautiful as well as the 8-10' waves we were able to watch crash against the shoreline. From there and without any hesitation whatsoever we continued our journey up the coastline towards Big Sur.

Big Sur, CA

We managed to make this 70 mile drive last the entire day. Stopping at nearly every lookout (each one being even more breathtaking than the last). We made one final stop before sun down at McWay Falls. I have been wanting to make it up to Big Sur for years soley to catch a glimpse of this breath taking place. The view did not disappoint. I could see the waterfall from where I parked my truck on the side of the road so I knew there would not be much of a hike. The gorgeous site of this waterfall and the ease of access brings a large amount of people here on a daily basis which has resulted in the trail and area surrounding the protected site very run down. The closest you can get to the waterfall/beach is where I took the picture from and was a total of a .5 mile hike to that vista point. We watched the sunset from McWay cove and then decided to head to the hotel. We ended the day with dinner and some coastal star gazing later in the evening.

McWay Cove & McWay Falls

McWay Cove & McWay Falls

Our final day we decided to make another adventure of our journey home. We decided to spend the day exploring Big Sur and driving home in the evening. Our first stop is well known - Bixby Bridge (See photo gallery below). A beautiful view of coastal cliffs.

Pfiefer State Park - Big Sur, CA

Our next stop and my personal favorite of the trip was Pfiefer State Park in Big Sur. This place was gorgeous! Giant Red Woods in a forrest that seems to come out of nowhere within this costal area. For my Star Wars fans our there... This place looks like Endor! We spent a few hours exploring this area and enjoying its beauty. I took several pictures (to see more be sure to check out Facebook and Instagram).

My wife Jaime admiring the towering redwoods in Pfiefer State Park

My wife Jaime admiring the towering redwoods in Pfiefer State Park

We spent the remainder of the day traveling through and exploring Big Sur mainly on or near the highway. It was a perfect opportunity for us to plan out a camping trip for early 2016 which we are looking forward to with great anticipation.

We All Need Adventure

One of the things I hope to accopmplish through Evident Outdoor is to inspire people to get outside more. We all live very busy lives in this modern and fast paced world. Making time to do things like this can be extremely difficult. This weekend on CA HWY 1 was a good example of how it can be done. We all need a little adventure...

My Thoughts:

This entire stretch of coastline is beautiful and well worth the trip anytime of year. However when I return next I will be coming up to visit Big Sur only. This trip will require some research and planning on where I will be camping, what areas are my highest priority to explore, and how long/when I will be there. This trip worked out perfectly because seeing these areas were never what we came here for... It just happened. However the windy roads and the slow speed limit makes traveling this coastline time consuming and if I don't  have a plan I know I will let a lot of precious time go to waste... I want to make the most out of every minute I have up there.

Evident Outdoor specializing in this short expeditions for people with a busy schedule because thats exactly who we are... People with busy schedules that just make time for the outdoors.

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