Star Gazin or Not?

One of my absolute favorite parts of being out on a camping trip is looking up on the immense night sky with while gathered around a campfire with some friends. However have you ended up camping all weekend under bright moonlight after looking forward to being under the stars for the weekend? Not to say a full moon isn't a great thing as well however if star gazing is on your camping to do list... It is important you plan for it. 

Planning | 4 Things to Know

As I stated before star gazing is an important part of a camping trip for myself so I tend to plan my trips around conditions that are condusize for star gazing. Below are the four things I consider when planning a trip:

  1. Is it going to be a New Moon? This is always the best conditions because the sky will have the least amount of lunar light allowing amazing visibility of the stars and Milky Way Galaxy.
  2. How close is the nearest city/town? Light pollution can easily drown out visibility of the night sky.
  3. What does the weather forecast look like? Out of the 3 this is the one you can plan for the least as weather can often change fairly quickly regardless of what the best weather apps may say.
  4. Where is the Milky Way going to be? Locally - The summer months are when the galactic center of the galaxy core is most visible. 

My suggestions

  1. I use the Photo Pills app to plan my trips on or as close to New Moon as possible. I also use Photo Pills to find out where the milky way is going to be so I can plan my shots accordingly (Article on this to come).
  2. I honestly just use google maps to see distances between cities and whatever destination I am planning on staying. Google Maps can also be used as a great tool in conjunction with photo pills when planning a Milky Way shoot.

Enjoy the adventure

After all your careful planning you may still not end up under a starry lit sky due to cloud cover, maybe a nearby forest fire you didn't know about or maybe even something else. Just remember to enjoy the adventure and to be thankful for the time out there. The important thing is that you made it out there and made the most of it. Below are some photos of some starry nights that did not go according to plan but still ended up being pretty epic.

As always: Please feel free to reach out if you have any comments or suggestions!

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