In January of 2016 Josh and I committed to a year long film project that would push us harder and further then we ever had been before. After my wife Jaime and I had married last year we just didn't spend as much time adventuring as we had in years passed. This film project was both to push ourselves as adventures and to push ourselves as photographers. The project got off to a swift start in the first month of the year. We camped in Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Yosemite National Park all within one months time... I feel like I blinked and the rest of the year passed me by... Here I am writing about this blur of a year on New Years Eve and honestly wishing that 2016 just wasn't over yet. 

However this project didn't come without plenty of sacrifice. I was away from my wife far too much, I probably slept a great deal less this year than any year before, and on my last two adventures developed a terrifying version of Bronchitis that was probably much worse than any case of Bronchitis ever should be. The list goes on with snow storms, transportation issues, injuries, loss of employment, etc... I still wouldn't change this year for anything. 

I truly do believe this year I have come so far as a photographer, a husband, a friend and a believer. I think we learn a lot about ourselves when we push ourselves to follow our dreams. We learn how to take risks, take action, live in the moment, and face our fears. I look forward to sharing more from our adventures in 2016 with all of you as well as the release our our final project early in this new year. I wish you all a happy and safe night! 

Happy New Year!

Shaun M. Ezell

Photographer & Creator of Evident Outdoor