It all started when…

Well that would be a long and complicated story. Lets start with Hi! Im Shaun and the creator of Evident Outdoor. What I will share is I have spent most of my summers high up in the Sierra Nevadas. Thats where I found myself seeking healing, seeking meaning and ultimately finding my faith. 7k-10k feet is really the only place on earth for me where everything seems to slow down enough to make any sense. Over the years Photography has become an outlet for me to try and share this deep love for these mountains and ultimately Evident Outdoor has become my way of sharing all of it.

As a business I am committed to providing quality goods that will help you connect with and experience the places you love. Our apparel is inspired by my personal adventures and the photographs I have taken on them.

Evident Outdoor is a place for like minded people to share in our love for the outdoors and photographing it as will as our faith in God if you are in to that as well. If you are not we welcome you all the same! And please drop by and say hi any time you please.

- Shaun