4 Tips For Easy Camping Meal Prep

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4 Tips For Easy Camping Meal Prep

We have all had that overwhelming feeling come over us time and time again. What to do about meal preparation for camping trips. It can be expensive, time consuming and difficult. It may be one of the reasons people fail to get out as much as they would like to.

Here are just a few ways you can save time and money on your meal preparation which should in turn encourage to get out more often.

  1. Get comfortable with having the same or similar meals each time you go camping. Pick some recipes you like and are fairly easy to put together at camp.

  2. When picking those meals, choose foods that use similar ingredients which will help reduce the amount of items you need to pack as well as help shrink the grocery store cost. For example maybe if you love tacos why not have burrito bowls for the second night and if your staying for a third maybe a meat dish like chicken or steak with rice and beans. This way you will have some variation of flavor from night to night but without the extra work of entirely different meals.

  3. In the weeks leading up to that camping trip. Triple the amount of food that you are going to need for the first trip and separate and freeze the rest. This works for things like meat, bread tortillas. That way you are already done with most of your shopping ahead of time for your next two trips. A simple trip to pick up some produce from the grocery store and you should be ready to pack the cooler and hit the road!

  4. When it comes to snack foods don’t go overboard. Families usually buy snack food for weekend camping trips like they are preparing for the apocalypse. Think realistically about how much you snack daily, it’s probably not much. Some fruit to have on hand plus maybe a bag of chips or crackers should hold everyone over just fine for the weekend.

I hope you found this helpful and it leads to you and your family enjoying more time in the outdoors.

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