An Unforgettable Overland Adventure In The Eastern Sierra | Day 1

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An Unforgettable Overland Adventure In The Eastern Sierra | Day 1

Buttermilk Country

A few weeks ago we set out on an unforgettable Overland adventure in the Eastern Sierra. Without having any plans set in stone we headed up Highway 395 towards Bishop, CA to find some dispersed camping in as remote of an area as we possibly could find. We had no idea the adventure we had in store for us this weekend!

Airing Down At The Buttermilk Loop Trail Head

After pulling into Bishop around noon we grabbed a quick burger at Burger Barn (AMAZING!) and set out to the Buttermilk Loops trailhead off of Highway 168. After airing down our tires at the trail head we set off on our adventure to find a great spot to set up camp in the remote wilderness of the Eastern Sierra Mountains. As always I had done some research before we headed out on this journey and had marked some waypoints in my GPS Application of possible places to camp tonight. We also had some places marked in other areas as well just in case this trail didn’t work out for us. 

The first mile or so of the trail is simply a very wide dirt road. We saw plenty of other vehicles on the the trail early on including some non 4x4 vehicles and some side by sides. There was plenty of small dispersed camping sites along this portion of the trail but we were on a mission to get remote and this was not that. 

Before we knew it the road narrowed and the trail turned from sand to that hard packed Eastern Sierra dirt. We were now on a trail that felt a little bit more like those eastern Sierra forest service roads we have come to know and love. 

Off Road Driving On The Buttermilk Loop Trail

Once we reached the tree-line we knew it was time to start looking for a great place to set up camp for the night. We took various spur roads in search of the perfect campsite. We came across once that looked pretty promising. It seemed to run along with McGee Creek and half of this spur road was not even on the map in On X Offroad application. I felt pretty good about this one! 

Premarked Waypoints Of The Area

Aside from having to squeeze in between to large Pine trees in a narrow section of the road all three of our convoys vehicles made it through without any issues. When i got to the dead end of the spur road I realized that this spot was exactly what I had been looking for. The only place to camp on this entire stretch of trail was where we were at. We were guaranteed to have some solitude tonight. This place was amazing and it was definitely time to set up camp.

Our remote campsite in the Eastern Sierra Mountains

We spent the afternoon setting up camp and enjoying the views of our claimed home for the night. We had only seen one other group on the trail once we got back towards the tree line all day and hadn’t heard or saw any signs of anyone else all afternoon. I don’t think there was anyone else out here that night besides that one other group and if they did set up camp in the Buttermilk’s that night it wasn’t anywhere near our camp.  

Before we knew it, it was late afternoon so we started cooking up some dinner. Normally I like to have a little fun with my cooking but on this trip we really wanted to get the most out of our adventure so I tried to keep prep and clean up simple. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a good meal though. Tonight it was ribeye, potato’s and asparagus. You can’t beat a camp cooked ribeye! After dinner we spent the rest of the evening hanging out by the campfire and just enjoying a quiet night in the solitude of nature. 

Drone image of our campsite from above

There was some possible thunderstorms in the forecast so we decided to call it a day pretty early. Sure enough as soon as we go in our tents the rain started coming down. Max and his son ended up sleeping in his Toyota Tundra because his tent started leaking (Good example of how imperative it is to have the right gear). They didn't seem to mind sleeping in the Truck as they proceeded to the rest of the weekend. Im not sure I would have done as well as they did if i was in a similar situation.

That about covers day one. Check back for part two of this adventure in the next post. Also Check out the video series below for an in person look at our adventure.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you out there!

- Shaun

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