High Winds And Snow On Santiago Peak!

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High Winds And Snow On Santiago Peak!

In this episode we face off with yet another weather challenge. Is there a Blizzard on Santiago Peak? Not quite blizzard conditions but for us locals in Orange County it may have seemed that way. We did run into some high winds and snow on Santiago Peak. Will we make it to the summit?

Today on our off road adventure channel we go off roading in my 2nd Gen Tacoma in Santiago Canyon in Orange County California. Santiago Peak ( Also know as Saddleback Mountain) is the tallest point in my home town of Orange County. It is also pretty much one of the only off road trails in the area. We head up from Silverado Canyon via the Maple Springs Truck Trail.

I would say in normal weather conditions this is probably a very easy trail and can most likely be accomplished in a 2WD vehicle with reasonable clearance. Given the weather conditions of this particular adventure - I wouldn't have done this trail with anything other than a 4x4 with high clearance and good tires. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you out there.

MY TACOMA BUILD: https://youtu.be/Krxrx599b9w

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