This Place Is AMAZING! Eastern Sierra Overlanding Adventure | Day 2

This Place Is AMAZING! Eastern Sierra Overlanding Adventure | Day 2

Exploring Buttermilk Loop

Morning rays on the Eastern Sierra

After a good enough sleep we woke up to one of the most spectacular mornings I have ever had up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There was a good storm the night before so we woke up to a damp ground and parting clouds letting big beautiful rays of light through to illuminate enormous patches of this wide and open landscape. It truly was incredible!

 Beautiful morning in the Eastern Sierra

Once again we started our day without much of a plan except to have an adventure. We made some breakfast, had some coffee and packed up camp in relatively quick order. The only thing we were committed to was getting in some fishing this afternoon but all of us started the day with wide eyes full of adventure. We still wanted to see more of the Buttermilk Country. So with urgency we all piled into our Toyota trucks and hit the trail. 

3 Toyota trucks ready to off road

At first we just started exploring the loop heading towards the trail end and we were searching for future camp sites along the way. However when we got to the top of the plateau the view of the enormous Eastern Sierra Mountain Peaks blew our minds and so we wanted to get a better view! 

Tacoma 4Runner and Tundra off roading in the Eastern Sierra

Close by we could see a trail that headed towards a hill called Green Mountain. We headed up that trail as far as we could. We made it about 3/4 of the way up Green Mountain but the trail seemed to just disappear as it was overgrown with sage brush. The conservationist in me said we needed to stop there. Really the view was great from where we were at and there was no need to go any further anyways. 

3 Toyota’s on top of Green Mountain

We spent a good amount of time enjoying the view from Green Mountain but quickly realized the day was getting away from us. So we got back into our trucks and started making our way back through the Buttermilk Loop Towards the trail end and Highway 168.

On our way out we spotted campsite after campsite and meadow after meadow. This place was truly a sight to see! As we approached the end of the trail we were met with one last incredible surprise. We were able to drive an Epic Ridge Line with some stunning 360 degree views of the area. Make sure you catch our video of this trip so you can see some stunning footage of this stretch of the trail.

Tacoma off roading on an epic ridge line

Fishing At Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina

Once we were completely finished with the trail we headed further up the 168 towards North Lake and Lake Sabrina to get in some fishing. We arrived around 4:00PM in the afternoon and were greeted with some light rain. We quickly got. our poles in the water because we could tell a Thunderstorm was on its was and after we finished up with our fishing we still needed to make camp for the night. After a few hours of some unsuccessful fishing we packed up and headed out.

Fishing at Lake Sabrina

Normally we would have hit the trail again but the thunderstorm was upon us and we needed to make camp so we found a nearby campground to settle into for the evening. Thankfully the lightning storm was brief and remained pretty distant from our location.

We had a quick dinner and settled into bed early due to the storm.

A Midnight Surprise!

At 3:00 AM I was startled to some loud noise in the camp. It must be a BEAR I thought quickly reaching for my flashlight. I unzipped my tent and illuminated the camp site with my 1200 lumen olight flashlight only to be dissapointed to see it was just Tony rustling through his gear trying to get out his camera equipment. I was about to shrug it off and just go back to sleep when he told me to look up. The storm had temporarily cleared and the milky way illuminated the sky directly above us. Now if you have been following me for a while you must know I am a succer for photography but especially for some great astrophotography. So I quickly jumped out of bed to grab my own image of the night sky.


The Milky Way Galaxy above camp

Unfortunately in the excitement I did drop my camera and caused some severe damage to my favorite lens. Oh well though, stuff like that is bound to happen in places like this. Personally i still think being able to enjoy the moment was worth it!

Make sure you come back for Day 3 of this adventure and catch the video series on it below.

Thanks for reading and i hope to see you out there!

- Shaun

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