Weekend OVERLANDING In My Toyota Tacoma! California Desert Camping

Weekend OVERLANDING In My Toyota Tacoma! California Desert Camping


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Hey everybody and welcome back! In this episode we head out for some California desert camping in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. The are we ended up spending most of our time in was the Mortero Wash. I think this place is some of the best dispersed camping in Southern California that we have found. However we end up experience some crazy desert wind that really puts us and all of our camping gear to the test. The the winter windstorm caught us off guard we did our best to make the most out our overlanding adventure.

This trip is the first time I get to take my entire family of four out for some weekend Overlanding in my 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma off road. I think the family really enjoyed the trip but no one more than my 2 year old daughter Brooklyn. Camping with kids is a blast! This trip was far more difficult though with both kids now we have alot to learn and adjust to. I will make sure I cover some more on this topic in future videos. I hope you all enjoy this weeks video, I really put a-lot of work into this one!

Thanks for watching and I hope to see you out there!

- Shaun

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